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Vienna is a unique blend of imperial nostalgia and pulsating modernday live. A city that is home to the Lipizzaners and baroque architecture as well as skateboarders and hot haunts. Vienna is both old and new.


Vienna is where Emperor Franz Josef and Sissi, immortalized by Romy Schneider, really lived, as did Empress Maria Theresa and her sixteen children, including the ill-fated Marie Antoinette. The Habsburgs revisited. treasures
& music

Vienna is a paradise for lovers of fine art and boasts works that are the result of centuries of collecting passion. And no other city has been home to so many famous composers, such as Mozart and Johann Strauss.

...good life & easy charm

Vienna boasts a plethora of the good things in life - coffee house delights, upbeat music beneath the arches of the old metropolitan railway, offbeat side-street shops, fun at the Prater amusement park, sushi bars and tramezzini. Vienna is both old and new.

The Vienna Tourist Board 

is the non-profit destination, promotion and marketing organization of the city of Vienna. Our sales promotion department cooperates worldwide with tour operators, wholesalers and travel agents to position Vienna as the top destination in Central Europe and we are constantly looking for niche markets and opportunities to increase our market share.

Sales support is one of our most important tools: we provide the travel industry with up-to-date information on the latest events and touristic developments in Vienna. We offer shells, photos, destination guides and other advertising material for our own presentations and to distribute among travel clients.


DANIELA DUFT, Deputy Director Sales Promotion & Media Relation
Obere Augartenstrasse 40
A-1025 Vienna Austria
Phone: +43/1/211 14-301
Fax:     +43/1/216 84 92

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