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Hungarian National Tourist Office

Hungarian National Tourist Office was set up on 1 st March 1994 to carry out public interest tourism marketing tasks for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Tourism Policy. Its company form is a one-person share company with its own capital of 15 million HUF. It has been carrying out the national tourism marketing activity since 13 October 1995, on the basis of a contract signed with the Hungarian Tourist Board, predecessor of the Department of Tourism Policy of the MEA from 1 November 1995, on commission.

Hungarian National Tourist Office provides basic and comprehensive information on the country's natural beauties, historic monuments, culture, gastronomy and all other aspects of potential interest to tourists. In addition, the provision of information comprises the full range of Hungarian tourism services, helping to bring demand and supply together and boost tourism receipts.

With the restructuring of the bodies guiding the sector the tasks of Hungarian National Tourist Office have been considerably expanded: it must now integrate all work phases, from the elaboration of national tourism marketing plans, through tourism product management, to launching of the product on the market and control. The main areas of our marketing work, each of which operates under a directorate, are:

Research, product development. Responsible for the organisation of Hungarian and international tourism research and other industry surveys; on the basis of these it makes proposals for tourism product developments to be supported.

Product management. Groups tourism products in line with the tourism strategy, carries out coordination with partner organisations and ministries.

Promotion. Its task is the operation of sales channels. The service has millions of promotion publications, maps and posters produced each year for free distribution. It operates the tourism representations abroad. Hungarian National Tourist Office organises the participation of Hungarian tourism service-providers at fairs and other major events in Hungary and abroad.

Information. Hungarian National Tourist Office provides basic and comprehensive information on the country's tourism offer. The directorate handles promotional means and distributes them in Hungary and abroad. It countinuously develops the national slide library. It operates the TOURINFORM National Information Centre for Tourism in Budapest and develops, professionally supports and supervises the national Tourinform network. Its National Tourism Databank collects, processes, stores and maintains data of Hungary's touristic offering.

Press. On the basis of the offers of the foreign representations, it organises study trips for journalists, travel agency specialists and PR managers. It organises professional visits for film crews, reporters and travel book writers. It prepares press material for exhibitions and events. Regularly informs the Hungarian public about programmes and events coordinated by Product management and Information directorate. It performes the press office tasks of the Budapest Spring Festival.

Hungarian National Tourist Office 
London SW1X 8 AL
46 Eaton Place 
Tel.: (44-207) 823-1032
Fax.: (44-207) 823-1459
director: Gábor TARR

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