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German National Tourist Office

Germany is a land full of variety: classic yet modern, bustling and dynamic, calm though energetic, enjoyment-rich, and hilly yet still flat. It is a country of palaces and castles, little wood houses and big Bauhaus architecture. It is a place where you can find events covering Techno to Bach and experience fascinating landscapes in the northern coasts to the forest-rich low mountain regions up to the Bavarian Alps in the south. 
Being on vacation in Germany is great! Whether you are with family and children or traveling on business, searching for romance or planning a city trip, desiring to be active or simply be spoiled at a health resort, or looking for an educational vacation or particular culture, all these different wishes can be easily fulfilled on a vacation in Germany.

Germany is simply not just Germany, but simply wonderful! If there is nothing keeping you at home, and you would like to find out today how you can visit us tomorrow, then you can start here!

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