Some of the benefits of cecta membership:

  cecta websites - 

           for consumers:
           and trade:
  Education and training workshops
  Joint press & PR
  Networking Opportunities
  Joint marketing, promotions and events for the UK trade
  Organised trips to individual and participating member states
  Joint presence at trade and travel shows
  Mailing opportunities with NTO's of member states
  Access to and exchange of collected data and statistical 
  Lobbying - cecta will be one voice
  cecta will build a library of information
  cecta will issue regular press releases to the media
  Membership of cecta offers strength in numbers. 
  cecta will promote the Central European region's travel and 
   tourist destinations, products, services and the interest of its

  Market research programmes will collectively identify needs 
  covering market statistics,  tracking, attitude, market trends.

  Joint venture opportunities include marketing, 
  advertising and travel shows.

  The cecta website for consumers  
  will contain information on destinations, travel agents, services,
  news, events, special offers and hyperlinks to the travel industry

  The cecta website for the trade will contain 
  member information, current affairs, news items 
  and offer hyper-links to other sites.
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